300 Win Mag build up question.

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  1. Firearrow

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    Jul 7, 2009
    I have a Rem 300 Win Mag, and I am tossing around the idea of truing up the action, and getting a custom barrel. I use my rifle for hunting (working on making it long range), and killing soda cans in the woods, so I am trying to weigh the pro's and con's of the cost. What do you get as far as accuracy above a stock rifle when you work the action, and get a custom barrel?
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    Mar 31, 2010
    When the work is done properly, by a knowlegable 'smith, you'll have good shooter capable of 1/2" or better groups from a bench. Handloads , taylored to the rifle, are a plus. Factory barrels are just not made with the care custom barrels are. Add custom threading, chambering, and crowning to that custom barrel and it'll make you a fine hunting rifle. :D I'll go on to add that truing and a custom barrel aren't the "cure all". Proper bedding (I see more rifles that don't shoot with bedding problems than any other problem, other than the shooter), a crisp trigger, and quality optics are must haves.
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    Jul 16, 2007
    If you have a remington 700, I recommend the BERGARA bbl, I have built several using these, and do it myself. They are pre threaded and chambered for remingtons, and while the bbl is of the reciever, you can lap the lugs and recoil lug. These headspace with a retainer (nut) like a savage. I have a new, in the box .300 win mag bbl to sell, ($300.00) that's 26" S.S. 1-10 twist, varmint contour. The last one I built took less than 45 min. to do the work and it's a tack driver.
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    Aug 14, 2010
    While talking with my gunsmith one day about custom elk rifles...(which I cannot afford), he told me to think about a "poor man's" custom elk rifle. He told me to find an old Rem 700 ADL, which he would put a custom stainless barrel on, true the action, free float and pillar bed the stock and oila', I would have a rifle that would shoot better than most high dollar "custom" rifles. That is what I did! I found an old Rem 700 ADL in 7 Mag for $225 that had a pretty decent stock on it. I bought a custom "Mark Chanlynn" stainless 24" barrel for it. I had my gunsmith, Dave Sullivan "Westwind Rifles" in Erie, Co chamber it in .300 Win Mag and do all of the above magic and man am I proud of my rifle. I put a Zeiss 3.5 X 10 with the Rapid Z 600 scope on it. I now own a true 1/2 MOA rifle. I have aproximately $1500 bucks in the total package. I just shot it this weekend, my load of 80.7 grains of H-1000 and Berger 185 hunting VLD's gave me 3.5 inch, 5 shot groups at 500 yards. I had some wind that was trying to trick me and the sun was just coming up over the mountain shining in my eyes...pitiful excuse I know but I am sure I can get those groups to tighten up. I still need to play with seating depth with that load but I am extremely happy with my "poor man's custom Elk rifle"!