.300 Win Mag and deer

Certainly in excess of 1000 yards....

One thing seldom mentioned in these "What if" scenario things is the environmentals... what altitude are we talking about... what temp. At 10,000 ft ASL we have a lot more energy at 1000 yards than at Sea Level...

Take a big ole' deer to walk away from a well placed shot from a 300 Win Mag with a 220 high BC bullet at nearly any range.

I have shot deer with a 300 win mag in Remington Sendero to 1030 yards. Lieca laser measured. Nozler 165 ballistic tip, 79 gr R22, CCI mag primer, 3340 fps. Leupold M1 scope 4.5 X 14. Until this year I had not shot a deer in the last six years under 850 yards. I tried one at 1170, but something was loose somewhere. Perfect alighment but up and down. When I got back to the range I had two .25 inch groups but they were spaced 1.25 inches apart, one high, one low.
Thanks, I went shooting with my recruiter on Saturday and I brought my dad's Weatherby Vanguard in .300 Win Mag along with an AR-15. I unfortunately have not been able to shooting for a month or so, so it was really nice to ease my itchy trigger finger.
While shooting I suddenly found myself liking that .300 more than ever. I liked the power it had every time I pulled the trigger, so I was now hooked on that cal in a custom weapon. It was also nice to have because it was about 20 degrees so it also made a good handwarmer during shots.

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Don't tell me you guys believe this Bruce guy, I know him and he can't even see to 1030 yards, he's so old he's got trifocals.

Seriously, deer to 1000+ yards with a .300 WM is not a problem, even with the 165 BT's as Bruce points out.

Hey Bruce, have ya figured out yet who this is.


Ya, I think you watched me shoot that deer at 1030 yards. I also think you watched me miss that doe at 1170 four times in a row. You should tell these guys that you want to get ride of a perfectly good 300 mag after shoulder surgery. Later.
Bruce, yes I remember the doe, and the confused look on your face when you could not figure out why you was missing her.

I thought about posting the 300WM in the classifieds here but I'm not sure these guys would want a winlite. Maybe I'll post it anyway. Take care!

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