.300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag base data

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
.300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag base data
For anyone interested here are some velocities from a bunch of factory loads that I have accumulated. Velocities are at 10 feet through Oehler 35P's and an 83. Just thought that you guys might like some base data to compare your reloads to.
Velocity Testing - .300 Winchester Magnum - 10 shots - Sako 75 Factory Barrel Length 24 3/8"

Remington 150 gr Core Lokt 3231 fps
Winchester 150 gr Super X Power Point 3120 fps
Winchester 150 gr Supreme Fail Safe 3201 fps
Federal Premium 150 gr Trophy Bonded 3196 fps
Winchester 180 gr Super X Power Point 2951 fps
Winchester 181 gr Supreme Fail Safe 2875 fps
Winchester 180 gr Supreme Ballistic Tip 2905 fps
Speer 180 gr Nitrex Grand Slam 2900 fps
Remington 180 gr Core Lokt 2922 fps
Hornady 180 gr Heavy Magnum 2972 fps
Sako 180 gr Super Hammerhead 2872 fps
Federal Premium 180 gr Nosler Partition 2913 fps
Federal Premium 180 gr Trophy Bonded 2735 fps
Federal 190 gr Gold Medal 2903 fps
Black Hills Ammo 190 Match 2925 fps
Speer 200 gr Nitrex Grand Slam 2758 fps
Federal Premium 200 gr Sierra Game 2787 fps
Federal Premium 200 gr Trophy Bonded 2675 fps
Federal High Energy 200 gr Nosler Part 2920 fps

.338 Winchester Magnum - Model 70 Barrel Length 25" (Lija) 10 shot averages

Speer Nitrex 250 gr Grand Slam 2672 fps
Winchester Silvertip 250 gr 2662 fps
Federal Supreme Safari High Energy Nosler Partition 250 gr 2823 fps
Sako Hammerhead 250 gr 2625 fps
Winchester Fail Safe 230 gr 2765 fps
Remington Core Lokt 225 gr 2769 fps
Remington Premier Safari 225 gr Swift A Frame 2775 fps
Federal Classic 225 gr Federal 2740 fps
Federal Premium Safari 225 gr Trophy Bonded 2679 fps
Hornady Heavy Magnum 225 gr Hornady 3005 fps
Winchester Supreme 200 gr Ballistic Tip 2930 fps
Winchester Super X 200 gr Winchester 2916 fps

posted April 17, 2001 06:08 PM

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