300 win mag 178 ELDx


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Jan 9, 2016
A friend has asked me to help him out and do some loading for him. He’s shooting a factory savage storm 110 300 win mag. He’s bought some 178 eldx. I told him I’d try a few powders I got on hand and then he can go and order up some. I got
H4350, H4831 sc, and H1000…. Just ain’t sure where to start with the 178…, if it was heavier I’d for sure think the H1000. What do you guys think on those three? I believe he said he’s bought Norma brass as well.
No kidding. H4831SC has been around lately along with H4350. I’d start with the 4831 and see where it goes.

I had another buddy loading 205gr Berger Hybrids for his 300 WM, I knew H1000 was the right powder but I didn’t have very much of it, so I was being a little stingy with it. I also knew it was hard to get, so I let him use some MagPro, he found a good load for his rifle and has plenty of powder available.

I’d be hard pressed to send someone down the road of starting a load with a hard to find powder, the frustration isn’t worth it. Plus, if you can’t find it, then it’s back to the drawing board with a new powder and then you’re just burning through components.
My accurate load used to be 68 gr of 4831sc , in norma brass , with a federal large rifle primer ( not magnum) and 178 gr a-max. The only issue with it was something a delayed ignition in very cold weather ( under 5 degrees Celsius ). Which was not an issue for me since the majority of my shooting was done between spring and summer .
Howdy, I have used H.1000 for 180 Accubond, I settled on 79.4gr. CCI250, Win.brass , max mag. length. It's a mild load but accuracy was there.
H-1000 has been showing up, Midway and powder valley had it last week.
Min. 77 - max 81 in Nosler book.
You best avoid the H1000 then. No need to introduce your friend to the frustration of trying to find it in stock at market price.
I know what you mean on the H1000, I told him he better come off some coin and his only option to get H1000 easily is to go on gun broker (heavy on the broker part) . I spared him a pound of each of the 3 to find a hood load but told him after that it’s on him.

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