300 weatherby velocity variations


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Sep 24, 2009
Does any one have any experiance with the Weatherby mark V Ultra light with the Krieger bbl. I cronographed mine today and it is a lot faster than my older Japanese Mark V. 40*F @ 1400 feet with 84 grains 7828ssc and 180gr nosler accubonds produced 3200fps with old rifle and 3325 to 3350 ultra light. Same ammo in both rifles. Thats considerably faster than the load data show.
Does it have anything to do with the Kreiger kriterion barrel?
assuming barrel legnth is same, bore diameter is likely the cause. its not uncommon for differences in velocity of same cartridge in different guns. also differences in the chambering with more or less freebore could contribute. could be some of both. anyway if the gun funtions well id be happy with the added velocity.
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