300 Wby Load /Sako 75


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Jan 10, 2003
santa barbara
Thanks Guys the info I have drawn from this
site is great!!!!
Have been working on a load for my Sako 75 in
300 Wby for the past 4 Months

Finally nailed it - thought I would pass on the info might be helpful to somebody

Sako 75 in 300 Wby 26" barrel NO muzzlebreak
4.5-14LRM1 Leupold
Norma/Wby Brass
Fed 210 primer
190 SMK
83.2 H4831
Overall 3.685
3060 FPS
Std D. 9FPS
All holes touching at 100 yards - but I have
to let the barrel fully cool on the third
shot or it will fly about 1/2" wide

Shot it at 250 Yards got consistant groups of
less than 1"

Finally last week got to a 700 yard range
the drop chart was right on!!! The scope
tracked great There was not a target that
could escape me - I don't know the group size
at 700 but could see that the bullet marks were very close

again thanks to everyone on the board


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