300 ultra mag reloading info.

box creek

Jul 20, 2010
Getting ready to load for my 300 ultra. I drew a Utah early rifle Elk tag and would like to develop a load for my rifle and this hunt. I have only used factory ammo with this gun with good results, but the ammo I used is no longer available. I Have reloaded for smaller calibers.

Looking for a starting point

I have the following components

Rifle: Remington std 700 SSL 26 inch

Remington brass

Powder: H1000 (starting weight) do I ± my powder weight by .5g 88.0, 88.5, 89.0, 89.5, ............300 has lots of powder.

Bullet: Hornady ELD X 200 gr. does the ELDX have a sweet spot ( seating depth ) I have heard the ELDX is pretty forgiving. I am limited to C.O.A.L. by my STD mag.

I know every gun is different to reload for, but I'm looking for a starting point from somebody that has more experience me.



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Mar 18, 2015
salt lake city
congrats on drawing !!! what unit?? how many points ???

. did you get the salt flats limited entry elk unit ??

if its a dry year . and your real lucky .. go down bonneville road and you can glass and maybe see elk go down to the lake and line up 3-400 long to drink outta the great salk lake .. i dont even tell my best freind that spot

you in slc area?
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