300 Ultra brass???

Adam Williams

Oct 9, 2001
southern Missouri
Anyone out there besides Remington making 300 Ultra brass? Just bought some and this stuff aint going to cut it.

Mo yote

[ 11-11-2001: Message edited by: Mo yote ]
Sorry Mike but I'm looking for 300 Ultra not 300 SAUM. I sometimes get confused also with all these new cartridge releases. I know what you mean about the brass. This stuff I have is terrible , runout is herendous and I've only been getting three loads before the necks start splitting. I thought of neckturning to clean up the high spots but the necks are already extremely thin (reason for necks splitting early). I wish Norma or Lapua would start producing some but untill then I guess I'll have to work with this crap!!! By the way the case dimensions on the 300 WSM and the 300 SAUM are different enough not to be interchangeable. The SAUM is shorter with same case and head diameter if I remember correctly so a fellow should be able to rechamber from SAUM to WSM. Performance of the two is nearly identical and better brass will surely be on it's way shortly so it's not very practical to rechamber just because of bad brass unless you already owned or had access to reamers.

Mo yote
That's why I went with the WSM case.
The first run of brass is excellent. I bought
250 pieces when I found out how good it was.
Remington brass sucks. And so do their rifles lately. I think the only reason they are still in busniess is someone way back when
designed an excellent action and the name
still sticks with us. Quality and customer service has diffently gone down hill with this company.

I'm not familiar with the case dimensions of the Ultra can a reamer for the WSM be ran in?

Maybe if enough folks email,phone or write
Laupa they will make Ultra & WSM brass.
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