SOLD/EXPIRED 300 Tejas/ Rum


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Dec 13, 2011
CROSS CANYON ARMS 300 Remington mag/Tejas. Remington 700 action that has been blue printed by master gunsmith Brad Stair of Cross Canyon Arms. 27 1/2" match grade, pacnor barrel 1:12 twist, #6 Contour that is flutted and has a seamless muzzle brake. The bolt is flutted also.It is wearing a black Remington sendero stock without the palm swell that is bedded to the action.Standard 13 1/2" lop, 2.5 lb trigger.8.6 lb with rings and no scope. Easy to carry. All metal parts have been cerekoted including the 30mm talley rings.A scope not included Also includes redding competition dies. The same reamer for the chamber was used to cut the dies. This rifle has had 150 rounds fired thru it it is EXTREMELY accurate! Easily shoots in the 2s and 3s. It will also shoot factory 300 ultra mag bullets 1/2" moa or better. I have all load data that will go with the gun will send pictures on request. This rifle is in imacculate condition and will be the last gun you should ever need. It HAS NOT been loaded to it's max capacity but a load that shoots extremely accurate. If you want a hotter load it has room to move. Will also include all brass that I have. ( maybe 200 pcs ) Also have some loaded rounds. If your looking for a gun that can easily reach 800-1000 yard+ this is it. Put a scope on her and go! I purchased this rifle from this forum. The rifle is everything I ever wanted. Unfortunatly, I live here in the east and getting reloading brass and bullets is difficult. The gun shoots as advertised and factory 300 rum ammo is still 1/2". I wanted to use this gun on my once in a lifetime sheephunt this year but ran out of time getting it together. Hunt starts 9/1. Take a hard look at this gun, it's sweet. I hate to sell it but I won't use it.
2500.00 includes 30 loaded rounds and all brass.


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