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Jun 16, 2004
What's up guys. I am looking into buying a Rem Sendero stainless fluted you know the one in .300 rum how does this round compair to a 338 win mag with a 250gr bullet in terms of recoil and how is barrle life? the guy wants 810$ for it plus tax. how is the price? Thanks.
If it is new, $810 is about the going price.
I got mine for $790 new.
I can't tell you anything about the 338win, but I can tell you the 300rum is fun to shoot and reload for. Although, part of me wishes I would have gotten the 338rum. I guess you can never be happy.
Thanks for the reply hogs i just recived a better price of 770 for it
but still looking. Come on ware are all you 300 rum guys at I know your out there give me some feedback!!
Tommy I shoot a 300RUM it kicks butt on both ends.However I put a vias muzzel brake on it.Now I'm not Bull Sh--ing you I think it took better than %50 of recoil off it.Hey some how some way they all shoot really good also.Mine is a REM 700 with a sporter 26" BBL.I've shot 1/2 " groups several times.With Nosler Gold Partions.98.0H1000 produced 3,367FPS.My rifle ROCKS!!! Dude
I paid $760 for mine last year. You are going to want to put a brake on it if you plan on shooting a lot. It has a pretty good kick to it.
I bought one this winter. I did not put a brake on it. My main use is target, so I mounted it in a choate ultimate sniper stock, filled the extra spaces in the stock with lead shot,(rifle weighs in at about 21lbs....shoots like a pussycat), topped it with a leupold 6.5-20 50mm long range target scope. my last set of groups I shot (have not worked up loads yet, just picked one load) were 3/4" and 1 3/4" at 400 yards with a cross wind and alot of mirage.

I made a set of should straps for it so I carry it like a back pack rather than on 1 shoulder. BIG difference. went coyote hunting this winter on snow shoes. carried it over 2 miles...very comfy. (no coyotes though). I am currently shooting 190gr Sierra Match kings.

I absolutely love this rig. I had initially considered the 338rum version. I just find the 300 to be more economical and it does what I want it to do.

but...can't tell you how it shoots with the original stock...never tried it. I have considered putting a brake on it but I am afraid to mess up the accuracy. maybe someday.
I have owned a .338 win bag and have a 300 RUM in weather warrior sak Savage, Rum
more devastating than the .338 win bag.I even have a 300 RUM necked to .338 which is a super performe, so do five of my friends
this round is worth considering or an improved version!! Not to throw off on the .338 win but it is a very old cartridge
and the RUM's will out shine it with ease
espically one with a little free bore and a
30" barrrel!!!
I had a .300 RUM Sendero S/F. Great shooting rifle!!
Funny, I havent heard of any that have not been wicked accurate.

Great cartridge to reload for too.

Hey sniper2, a .338 win bag...Is that a new wildcat cartridge??...LOL..sakofan..Sounds like a description of my x wife!
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