300 RUM, Which Barrel weight?


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Feb 4, 2009
I am thinking about "up grading" my RUM... in time. The furthest I would be shooting out to with 210 Gr bullets would be around 1300 Yards. What barrel weight would I need to get this done? I am thinking about a 28-30 inch length barrel.

Would a Brux #6 Heavy Bull Sporter (4.5 LBS) be heavy enough or would I need something bigger?

I would like to keep it as light as possible, but having the right set up is more important.
I have a 30" Lilja #7 fluted. Am happy with it. I know the taper varies according to the manufacturer.

The heavier and shorter the barrel, the less whip it will have. I have a 26" Sendero contour (.825" @ the muzzle) and I like it. If and when I get it rebarreld, I'll go with a 27" in the Sendero. If I went longer than 27" I would probably step up to a heavier contour. That's just what I would do...

I think you'll be ok. I prefer Krieger #17 heavy Varmint 30" almost 3lbs heavier but, with a 300RUM extra weight can't hurt...actually hurt less...recoil that is.
I just received my Broughton barrel in .338 and it is the heavy palma contour.
Going to chamber in 338RUM and finish at 30 inch plus the brake.
That gives me some good things to think about. I will have to call some barrel makers and get their opinions on length and weight, to help me finalize the size.

I had thought about building a 338 Edge, but as I look at time and money, i could get the 300 RUM set up for much less. As it sits now after making some small changes it should be an 800 yard gun no problem.

Thanks for the reply's everyone.
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