.300 RUM vs .338 Win Mag on game


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Sep 23, 2008
I'm just curious how you guys compare the two. I'm thinking a 220gr from the RUM at 3000 or so, should penetrate just as well as a 225 from the Win Mag @ 2800+/-.

Anyone use the RUM on the big bears ?
Hi tang.

Keep in mind that more velociti meand less penetration in many case. Have seem same bullet same caliber but with just litle hotter load that would not penetrate as far in our test. I dont have experience(for penatration test) with the 2 cal you mention do..

If you look for a good rifle for hunting go for the 338win. Better barell life, biger diameter and the possibility to go for heavier bullet if the taste come up.
Have bind told that the kick is more stif with the 300ultra. Have try the 338win and find it tolerable for hunting.

That being said im sold to the 338win cal for my next rifle.
I already have a .338 Win Mag in a Ruger M77. I was just trying to convince myself that I didnt need it anymore.
I already have a .338 Win Mag in a Ruger M77. I was just trying to convince myself that I didnt need it anymore.

If you have both then you don't *need* the 338 anymore.

I basically agree with EastHunter if your rifle is for hunting the big bears only. The 338's advantage is it will make a bigger hole. On penetration... it's often true that slower bullets penetrate farther, but the reason for that is because faster bullets will deform more and possibly loose morer mass, neither of which is particularly a bad thing. The laws of physics are very inflexible, and all things being equal, a faster bullet will penetrate farther than a slower bullet.

Four bullets come to mind when talking about big bears. Nosler E-tips, Partitons, Barnes TSX's and Swift A-Frames. I would pick the E-tip over the TSX and the A-Frame over the Partiton.

I might loose, but I would be willing to wager that a 180 E-Tip out of a 300 RUM will penetrate farther than 200 E-Tip out of a 338.... or a 200 gr A-Frame out of a 300 RUM will penetrate farther than a 250 gr A-Frame out of a 338. Which would kill a big bear better considering wound channel, etc? Probably the 338. Would I feel comfortable with either? Yup. The one advantage to the RUM would be a longer shot, say 300-500 yds if it came up. The 338 WM would be loosing a lot of velocity and momentum appraoching that distance. Always going to be tradeoffs.

I was just thinking about thinning down some rifles. I dont see any reason to keep my 300 and 338 Win Mag's now. I dont have any plans to ever go after big bears anyway. So the .300 RUM should have me covered from Deer, to Elk, Black Bear and Moose with ease.
That sure tang, the 300 ultra will be a might good rifle for your hunt. The thing is to put the bullet where it bealong.

Mark i agree with you in way that it depend what you shoot at. Ex: During some test with steel plate(ok it stiffer than game but so cool) we were suprise. The bullet tat did the worst on diamon granit blade was the old 190gr extend range from rem in 300win. My frien was not liking them so still have a fee on hand... Than we swich to 1/2inch plate and gest what it was the only thing that was going true!! Partion, acubond did good but no totally true the blade.

Different thing on game that for sure. We did test wit phone book and get a bout the same result, Partion, aframe, accubond ,corelock ultra (in order) did great on penetration.
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