300 rum loads with 220 SMK. anyone with any luck?


Nov 10, 2005
I currently shoot a 300 RUM Sendero. I have tried the 220 SMK. just shoots ok. I use H-1000. I just loaded some with Retumbo. hope this improves things. anyone with any luck with the 220gr SMK in the sendero?
I had good luck out of my LSS with H-1000 and 220g SMK. I beleive I was using 88g for a velocity right at 3000fps. It shot .5" at 100 yards and was easily moa to 1150 yards. My OAL was 3.8", used as a single shot.
I have a rem bdl ss, I use this same load with 91grs, but my velocity is just over 2900, thats weird. I shoot it single shot as well at 3.75". I get sub .75 on all groups and have shot several under .5". Have loaded some with retumbo but not nearly as tight. Good luck!
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