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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by srhaggerty, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. srhaggerty

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    Oct 12, 2004
    Does anyone have any load data bullet weight less than 150. I am looking for some varmit type loads. I know this is not the friendlist caliber for varmits, but I like shooting all my guns all the time. I have seen load data on weights all the way down to 110 grains, just wasn't sure if any got those to group well. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Waltech Jim

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    Dec 2, 2004

    Can’t help you with the RUM part, but I shoot quite a few 110 gr. V-max out of a custom 300 wm prairie dog gun. I will relate what I know about the various bullets that I have tried.

    The V-max is a pretty good bullet. Surprisingly accurate. Keep the speed around 3700, anything above that and you can get some to come apart. The effect on pds is nothing short of spectacular. I would recommend starting with this bullet.

    Not real happy with 125 Speer. Relatively low “speed limit”.

    Tried 130 gr. Wild Cat. Very good accuracy. Will be trying some of these this summer on pds to see if they open up. If they do, I will very likely switch to shooting them. Have not run them over the chrony yet.

    Have some 68 gr. Wild Cat. Haven’t tried them yet in the 300. Did try them in my 19.5 “ .308 though. 3675 fps, but the powder is too slow and don’t have anything faster at the moment. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

    Hope this helps a little.

  3. bailey1474

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    Dec 7, 2004
    Try the 125 gr. Nosler BT. I am currently shooting this bullet with 104 gr of RL 22 behind it. This is 3.5 grains over the max in nosler's manual so BE CAREFUL. It works in my gun but it may not yours. Chronoed w/avg velocity of 3940 fps. At this velocity the BT absolutly explodes!!!

    Doesn't shoot quite as good as I would like but will consistantly shoot MOA. Not much if any under that though.

    Shot a prairie dog @ about 80 yds last Sunday. I found the dog (and this is not an exaggeration) 10 ft behind the mound I shot him off of!! His skin was about all that was left. Looked a bit deflated.
    Good luck

  4. abinok

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    Nov 25, 2004
    Give the 110 Vmax a try. In my experence, the sierra 110 hp is a distant second.
    here is the data I have.
    AA-3100 From 88.5 grains to 103.3 grains
    AA-8700 From 115.0 grains to 120.0 grains
    H-870 From 116.5 grains to 121.5 grains
    H-1000 From 101.0 grains to 106.0 grains
    H-4831 From 89.0 grains to 101.4 grains
    IMR-4831 From 81.6 grains to 94.5 grains
    IMR-7828 From 96.5 grains to 101.5 grains
    Magnum From 105.5 grains to 110.5 grains
    MRP From 96.0 grains to 101.0 grains
    N-165 From 92.5 grains to 105.2 grains
    RL-19 From 87.4 grains to 97.0 grains
    RL-22 From 95.0 grains to 100.0 grains
    RL-25 From 102.0 grains to 107.0 grains

    AA-2700 From 71.0 grains to 83.0 grains
    AA-3100 From 88.5 grains to 98.5 grains
    AA-4064 From 71.0 grains to 83.0 grains
    AA-4350 From 85.5 grains to 95.0 grains
    AA-5744 From 45.0 grains to 67.0 grains
    AA-8700 From 103.5 grains to 115.5 grains
    H-1000 From 103.0 grains to 107.0 grains
    H-4831 From 96.0 grains to 100.0 grains
    IMR-4350 From 90.0 grains to 94.0 grains
    IMR-7828 From 96.0 grains to 100.0 grains
    RL-22 From 96.5 grains to 100.5 grains

    AA-3100 From 84.8 grains to 95.5 grains
    AA-8700 From 113.0 grains to 118.0 grains
    H-870 From 114.5 grains to 119.5 grains
    H-1000 From 97.0 grains to 102.0 grains
    H-4831 From 84.8 grains to 96.0 grains
    IMR-4831 From 77.8 grains to 90.5 grains
    IMR-7828 From 87.4 grains to 96.6 grains
    Magnum From 101.5 grains to 106.5 grains
    MRP From 93.0 grains to 98.0 grains
    N-165 From 84.6 grains to 101.7 grains
    RL-19 From 87.5 grains to 92.8 grains
    RL-22 From 87.4 grains to 98.8 grains
    RL-25 From 98.0 grains to 103.0 grains
    WMR From 85.2 grains to 97.7 grains

    AA-3100 From 87.5 grains to 92.5 grains
    AA-8700 From 111.0 grains to 116.0 grains
    H-870 From 112.0 grains to 117.0 grains
    H-1000 From 95.0 grains to 100.0 grains
    H-4831 From 84.0 grains to 89.0 grains
    IMR-4831 From 83.0 grains to 88.0 grains
    IMR-7828 From 88.5 grains to 100.9 grains
    Magnum From 99.0 grains to 104.0 grains
    MRP From 90.0 grains to 95.0 grains
    RL-19 From 85.0 grains to 90.0 grains
    RL-22 From 87.5 grains to 92.5 grains
    RL-25 From 94.0 grains to 99.0 grains
  5. sniper2

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    Jan 10, 2003
    I can shoot one holers @ 100yds. with the 110gr.Sierra hp
    sitting on 95gr. of 7828 with an o.a.l. of 3.445" this is not a hot load just very accurate and in a stock Savage 116 SAK.
  6. srhaggerty

    srhaggerty Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2004
    Thank you guys so much for the info. Mine is a Browning A-bolt. I had some trouble this weekend with 200 grain accubonds. Very frustrating.