300 RUM elk loads


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Mar 16, 2003
Gainesville, FL
I just began reloading and was wondering what powder weight for RL-25 and bullet type/weight I should use in my SS laminated 300 ultra mag. I loaded some 165 ballistic tips with RL25 with 100 grains. These shot 3/4 of an inch at 100 yards. Not so good, also wonedering how I can improve this group.

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
I can think of two easy methods to reduce that group size by 50%: Set the target at 50 yards and shoot again, Say you shot the 3/4 inch group at 200 yards! (Sorry, Dave King humor there, couldn't help myself..

If it were me, I'd give up on the 165 BTip and shoot no less than a 180BTip and only expect to do that at long range. You didn't mention the elevation (altitude at location) and temp for your Elk hunt. This info could help a lot in determining the bullet to suggest. If you're going at 13,000ft ASL a somewhat blunt tip Partition that shoots accurate could be the answer.
I would certainly NOT want to shoot a BTip into an elk at anything less than ~ 250 yards unless that critter was broadside if you're going to be at high elevation.

SO.... more info please.


No No No.. do not use ballistic tips for Elk.. you are only begging for trouble...

Think real heavy.. 180 gn or more.. 190 even better 200 gettin close.. I have seen way to many guys shoot Elk that were under gunned..
I saw one Elk take 5 rounds from a 270 and never broke stride... I saw another take 2 rounds from the (unbeleivable awesome 7mm mag, over rated in my book ) and that Elk traveled 400 yards before it died )

you need heavy bone crushing power.. Elk are very under estimated in sheer will and toughness....

still can't beleive these western states let you use a 243 for Elk....

just my .02

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
My experience on elk is like Wyo's, you need a tough bullet and as big a caliber as you can shoot accurately. I found when I went from the '06 to the .338 magnum that the elk went down faster, as in fewer shots.

Suggest elk are justification for premium bullets, there are lots of them. Nosler's new Bonded Ballistic Tip is intended for big magnums (200 gr.) and then there are Sciroccos, Trophy Bonded, A-Frame, Partitions, Barnes, Grand Slams, Bonded Coreloks, Failsafes and the new Hornady Interbond for instance (also a new bullet called the Groove). Hard to beat the good old Nosler Partitions for elk, but any of these bullets would be a better choice than Ballistic Tips. Wyo is typical of elk guides who see how tough the critter really can be - there are perfect scenarios where the animal drops like a stone, and others where you really need penetration and power.

I do not believe that there is anything wrong with 3/4" accuracy from a factory-built Ultramag, that is good shooting on your part.


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
I'm shooting 180 Sciroccos at 3250 with 93.5gr RL25 and 178 A-Max's at 3300 with 94gr. Both are about .75 moa average at 200 yards with the nod going to the A-Max for better consistancy. I will say the Scirocco hit the steel plates with noticably more athority than the Nosler Ballistic Tips judging by the dents and divits they made. The Scirocco did very well out to 1000 yards as did the Ballistic Silvertip, both had the same trajectory too, the Ballistic tip shot to a different point at 100 yards so it was way off at even 500 yards. The Ballistic Tips didn't do near as well as the others.

I would use a 178 A-Max past 400 yards and nothing less than the Scirocco up closer, moose are very underestimated at times too. Stick em high in the lungs and they don't like that much, once they fill up with blood they don't get much oxygen to the brain either. I'm in the camp that'll take a nice pass through shot for a better blood trail... because it's often needed even with a superb shot. My 416wby has a 3 for 3 instant KO record, so diameter plays a part too.
The part that sucks is when they run the wrong way you want them to though.
In this case I can see how a well placed spotter round would work to ones advantage if the follow up shot came quick.

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