SOLD/EXPIRED 300 RUM Custom Build, Mcmillan A5, Rock Creek


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Jan 24, 2008
NW Montana
Custom Long Range 300 Ultra Mag, built on trued Remington 700 action, McMillan A5 adjustable stock, Glass bedded, Rock Creek 1-10 Twist 5R 30 inch barrel, JP Brake, Tubbs oversized Recoil Lug, Tubbs firing pin assembly, Trigger job set at 1 lb,Work done by R&D Precision, Comes with Badger ordnance 20 MOA Base, TPS Tactical rings, Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 SFP scope, Setup as a single shot, easy to convert to a repeater, Rifle is extremely accurate, .25 moa and better with Berger 230 gr going 3,130 fps,Round count is aprox 225 rnds, Rifle weighs aprox 16- 17 lbs with scope, $3,500 for the package


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What would it cost to change this over to a repeater? What would that process entail?

Nice Rifle!!
To make it a repeater would only require, and different follower and spring, about $25 is all. For a repeater with a longer COL about $75 is all, wyatt extended mag box and have it fitted to the action.
still for sale , part trades considered on higher end binos, rangefinders etc, like swarovski, leica, zeiss