300 rum balls


Mar 24, 2011
Looking for a long range ball for hunting sheep,goats ,elk and deer.
My first load is 180gr. nosler ballistic tips and 90gr. of rl22 and win primers.
On a calm day it shoots under 5" at 500yards.I hear there are better balls with higher BC that are good for game .
I shoot a rem 700 ss lam. with break stock and trigger worked.
5.5x22 night force with badger hardware.
Thank you for your time and knowledge.

Faked me out on your very first post.........Tho't you had 300 "RUM" balls for sale.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Your bullet is pretty much a brick aerodynamically speaking. May as well be shooting a 30 cal......

I would suppose your terminal performance plus a bit of increased range with less wind deflection would result for shooting 225 class and above. I shoot 300 SMKs for everything.

Also, welcome aboard.
I'm guessing you have a 300 RUM and not a 338 RUM. So my suggestion would be the 200 AccuBond, 200SMK, 200 SPBT SGK, 208 A-max, 185 through 210 Berger, or any of the heavier JLK's. With a RUM you could actually push the 240SMK pretty good and really go looooong if you wanted too. Just remembered that Hornady now makes a 225grn BTHP that would work well also.

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Some of my friends are using 210 Bergers out of there 300 RUMS and getting good velocity and accuracy. They have killed a couple of mule deer and elk with good results. Matt
In my 300 rum, i've tried wts. up to 210 gr.,and literally from every mfg., but for the last 5-6 yrs have only used the Berger 168 VLD (hunting) for everything up to Elk, 4 elk at over 500 yds, and 2 at under 350 yds. The 168 has done a great job for me and makes the 300 rum more like the " laser beam" i like to shoot, and the berger has been an excellent terminal performer also.
I think the 210 helps a lot for the greater distances. More downrange energy and flatter. They also shoot really good at long distance. Matt
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