300 RUM 220, 240 gr SMK velocities.



As some of you know I am in the process of building a new toy ( woo hoo )thru the grace of the computer GODs I have lost some info.

I need the best SWAG ( scientific wild *** guess )from someone in the relms of what type of velocities I can expect from..

300 RUM with 28" barrel with 220 and 240 gr SMK's safely. Just close not holding anyone to their word. I am researching possibilities on the ballistics programs and this was my starting point.

as always thanks in advance.....
Hello Ric

You know the 34" outfit I'm working with so my velocities would be quite a bit more then the 28" will give you.

Try 3100 to 3150 fps with the 220 and 3000 FPS for the 240gr.

I was able to get 3168 Fps out of the 240 gr in the 34" barrel so far.

Hope that's close for you.

Thanks DC,

I hit the road today to start the sport and travel shows and I thought my laptop had the info, or at least I thought I had the stuff on the laptop.....

I'm using the results I had when fireforming loads in the standard Ultra case to come up with a ball park answer for Ric.
It should be real close for his 28" rifle.

Darryl Cassel
I am in the process right now of building a 300 Ultra from the ground-up with a 30" Bbl but when I was doing load work with my old Ultra with a 26" tube I was getting 3025fps with the 220 MK's (RL-25 pwdr) and was getting distinct pressure signs when trying to exceed that. You having two more inches of barrel so the math in the above posts make sense. I have not played with the 240's yet
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