300 RUM 210 Berger or 240 SMK


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Aug 1, 2009
I've found a little bit of info in my searching but am trying to get more first hand experience between the two. I am going to start reloading for a friend of mine who owns a REM 700 RUM sporter in 300 RUM. IT's got a 26" barrel and a brake.

Which bullet would be best suited for elk hunting at long distance.

I agree with 450. Go with a 200 accubond or a 210 in vld or smk. They all have supreme ballistics and that gun will send em at warp speed. It's been my experience that anything over a 210 such as a 220 or 240 smk, you're speed drops off and the g7 drops to that of a 210 gr bullet. So you're really not gaining anything but a little more kick. That is a fun gun to shoot tho!!!
I personally shoot the 210 Bergers. They perform excellent past 1000yds. You gain on velocity and with a high b.c. you're not too far from the 240's
In my opinion that delivers better results than the slower 240's which will drop 150-200 fps.
Test both and go with the most accurate. I shoot 210 Bergers in my 300 Wby and have killed 2 elk with them. They only penetrate 10-12 inches (250 and 464 yards) I just got my 30-378 Wby running and it seems to really like 240 SMK's at a little over 3000 fps.
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