300 PRC question


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Sep 28, 2014
Lock Haven pa
I purchased a 300 PRC rifle. It's all set up using the Hornady 225 grain ELD match bullet. What is everyone's opinion on sticking with that load for elk and mule deer. My average shots are between 400 to 700 mostly. The rifle already has a two-stage custom dial on a huskimo scope.
I would not use that for elk. I believe It would not be tough enough to exit.

i have no testing. Just a thought based on it being a match bullet.
This question is one that needs to be answered by people who have tried these on bigger game animals. I've killed deer out to 770 yards with them. They do very well on deer size game. I'd be very reluctant on bigger game especially those with heavier bone. Hitting a shoulder at very long range may have a much different result on a bigger animal. I shoot for ribs on deer. Large target and the bullet does a great job. IF you were shooting an Elk with them. I'd focus on the rib cage area 100% and avoid that frontal shoulder region.
I've been using eldm in my 300 win mag for a few years now on elk and bear and have actually found them to fly better expand slightly less than the eldx bullets. The last cow I shot at 560 yards in the shoulder had three exit holes on the far side but the 340lb black bear I got last year at 25 yards had none. I swear those things have rubber skin. The bullets almost always stuck just under the hide on the exit side of big bears.
At lower impact velocities, ie longer range, bullets will upset/expand/fragment less and penetration so be deeper, so long range shoulder penetration concerns are really misplaced.

The limiting case for bullets and adequate penetration is actually max velocity impact, ie 20 yard shots, into bone or very dense tissue. Even so, 225 gr is a lot of mass, extreme tissue damage is much more likely than inadequate damage.

This forum isn't much of a hangout for terminal ballistics knowledge, another place has a pretty good repository of field autopsies that show actual wound channels in tissue. I would shoot that 225 eldm without reservation.