300 PRC Barrel Twist, 22 inch


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Dec 26, 2020
Hello all,

Looking for some recommendations from those far more experienced than I. I will be swapping out a barrel on a 300 prc rifle of mine for a Bartlein. I have settled on maintaining the 22 inch length (hunting rifle, occasionally used for recreational shooting). Now, I have read for twist rates on 300 PRC everything from 1-8 up to 1-10 at 0.1 increments it seems, and cannot decide on a twist rate. I am basically down to 1-10, 1-9.5, and 1-9. As of now I will be firing the 212 ELD-X factory ammunition. I know all of these twist rates will in actuality work fine as my current 22 inch 1-10 does, but I would of course like what is optimal; even if that optimization does nothing more than satisfy my OCD realistically. Any suggestions considering the shorter barrel length?

Thank you in advance!