300 Norma 215 Berger H1000

Geeze that thing is shooting!!

I have a 300 NMI showing up soon and some 88gr. charges of H1000 with CCI 250's. Going to test the 208 ELDM and 215 Hybrids. I'm assuming they will both shoot, but I want to see a quick comparison.
Do you see any benefits of running the Norma over the rum? Bullet weight to bullet weight. Ect ect?
I love my RUM but my Norma is crazy fast, I’m running Bergers 245 Elite hunters at 3000 fps over 87gr of N570. Now, I don’t think any critter can tell them apart if hit where you’re supposed to hit.
If it’s a hunting gun it doesn’t much matter. It will last what it lasts. I’m just throwing around the idea between the two.
Braden I’ve seen most Norma’s, at least the improved versions easily our run the RUM with the same bullets and barrel length. MY 300 NMI with a 24.5” barrel easily runs mid 3100 with 230 Hybrids.
That’s what I’m talking about! Maybe my next big boomer will be the Norma and sell my edge for some one who wants to get in to lr and or elr.
It’s been a great round so far. The RUM and NMI both loved the 230’s and N570. One of the reasons I went with 300 Norma is the ability to run H1000 and 215’s which I had a good supply of. N570 hurts overbore 30 cal in my opinion.

My good friend Jon Pynch loves the 300 Norma and has always talked about them, and how easy they are to tune. I had to find out for myself. It was either this or the 30 Nosler. Already had brass and dies so went 300 Norma. I did have to use my last 1.250 Broughton barrel which sucks
Good deal. Alex built my 300 NM and Dallas is building me a 22" 338 Edge to shoot suppressed. I wonder how Alex is enjoying hot and humid Florida? I live in SC and that's hot enough, but Florida is like a sauna.
I came to the conclusion based on my thread that we can’t discuss load data on here, because “every rifle is different.” No 💩.