300 gr serria match bullets good for game?


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Mar 17, 2003
Madison ,ga
I am wondering has anybody used the 300 gr .338 Serria match bullets on moose ,caribou or grizzley.I have had awesome luck with Nosler Partitions 250 gr.with 338-378.My hunting buddy who was 11 at the time shot two caribou at 400 yards and it was like a mac truck hit them.I use a Nikon 6.5 x 20 with has held up well.I have shot .25 groups at 100 yds.Need some loads with reloader 25 for the 300gr in 338-378 .
Your lil huntin buddy's been practicing!

Congrats to him on them two!

I would shoot anything in North America with a 300gr SMK at beyond 500 yards if the animal was in the open and the shot was perfect! If it wasn't, count the grizz out! The problem with grizz is that they are generally moving quite rapidly when you see them and the long "perfect" shot isn't coming around all too often. Don't put yourself in a position to track one in the brush wounded!

I like my 416 for grizz!!

My brother is using 118gr of H870 in his 338/378wby with the 300gr SMK, consider this a max load and work up to it. No loads using RL25 though, sorry.
I like my 416 for griz too.I have 2 Remington 416 Big Game rifles that are 7.5 pounds .I shoot 350 gr mag tips for small stuff and 410 gr woodleighs for big stuff up close.I use Reloader 15 and have shot 1 1/2 inch groups at 200 yards with the speer.I dont know if the Serria 300 grain will go through a moose shoulder without blowing up.I trust the Nosler 250 gr partitions for anything .I though about using 300 gr woodleigh rn in the 338-378 because they dont make a 300 gr partition in .338.Email me so we can stay in touch always looking for good hunting buddies in Alaska .I hope to get my hunting lodge done this year so I can hunt Africa next year.I am taking my 416 model 70 express rifle that I have shot 1500 times at targets but no game.I am going for planes game .I will also take either my 338 Ruger or the weatherby accumark.
I shot a moose up your way about three years ago now. Got him in the burn area between the Gerstal River and the Silver Fox Inn toward the mountain about a mile. Watch for LAND MINES!

We went hunting for moose in the Healy Lake area in January when it was freakin 50 below out two or three years back. No luck there, saw some Buff that's about it. I love to moose hunt up there!
My Dad ran finish blade on that road job there a few years back and said the moose population is just unreal! Crossing the road every time you turn around! Gota hit the hay, I'll e-mail you tomarrow sometime.
I hunt Cummings Road all the time lots of moose and pesty buffalo.I have seen 85 griz around Delta last 5 years scence I came.I have yet to shoot one.I am starting a bird hunting lodge and fishing lodge .The 4 brow time 50" rule for moose is ruining Alaska .Alot more moose are hit by cars than shot.There is a place on the Kenai Between Coopers Landing abd Soldotnia that over 7,000 moose a year are hit but you cant hunt.Alaska is going to give into tourism Princess Tours rules Alaska fish and game they want tourist to see moose all over the road but no hunters to shoot them.There are thousands of dall sheep at Coopers Landing but you cant hunt them because of Japaneese owned Princess tours.If hunters only knew what is happening to Alaska hunting the would do something.Our own airforce bombs lots of moose bears and buffalo on purpose
.Alaska is too pretty and full of game to bomb to pieces do it in Neveda desert where you can tell.A whole herd of 20,000 caribou was lost this way.I fear with the new missle base at Ft Greely that 500,000 arces that this base covers will be lost to hunting.I love our country and our armed forces but we still need to hunt the best moose land in Alaska.Last year hunters of all ages were required to have hunters safety cards .The worst was there were going to require you to registeryou gun to hunt on all military bases in Ak .They baced off this but I bet it will come back.We must protect our country but not loose our freedom.The worst thing in Alaska are the Russian poachers who have moved there they are killing everything.They hace shot herds of caribou and left all the illegal cows.They are wiping out every cow moose that walks near Delta Junction and fish and game will do nothing.They shot a grizzley bear out of season in July near where I live F&G would not even come out.Then they shot a cow and calf moose in a friends driveway.The worst thing is none of them are citizens of the US why do we put up with this?Alaska is the last place that is really wild and free it has to be used right or it will be gone with the wind.email me
I've shot three (3) moose with the 300 Sierra from a 338 RUM. Two (2) were over 400 yards and the third was about 170 yards. All three (3) were VERY dead in a matter of 25 yards or so. Double lung shots with one of the 400+ yard critters retaining a nicely mushroomed bullet in the off-side shoulder just under the skin.
I will work up from 98 grs of R25 on the 300 gr .I need to get another scope for this new rifle .My other one has 6.5x20 nikon which is perfict for tundra but not under 50 yards or running bears.I need a 2x42 x56mm with a heat seaking cross hair and lazer range finder that figures bullet drop.It w ill come someday.Thanks Mike
The Air Force does not bomb, or shoot moose, 20,000, and caribou were not lost to the military, and there is nothing wrong with hunters safety, I had it when I was in 5th grade O so many years ago. You are not required to register your guns to hunt, only if you live on post. I can't stand when people spread information that has no basis in fact. We need to be worrying about the tourism idustry and the legislation they are pushing through the money hungry politicians. The fact that less than 15% of we Alaskans hunt, is really starting to have an impact, the teachers in our schools are indoctrinating the kids against guns and hunting at an alarming rate.

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