.300 Dekota



I have a 28" Pac-Nor barreled Savage chambered for 300Dakota , the gun shoots great and reloading for it is no differant than any other big 30 cal. The longest distance I've shot with it was ranged at between 615-630yds and was on a wild hog that went just over 300lbs.
I shoot 220gr Sierra MatchKings over 75grs of H-4831sc which gives a muzzel velocity average of 2918fps with around 1/2moa out to 500yds which is the farthest I've shot any groups.

Personaly I would not recomend this round as the brass is expinsive and realy not that great , the performance can be achived with a 300Win mag or 30-338 win with alot less head ache. My barrel will be sent off to be rechambered to 30-378Wby , I would have like to had it rechambered to 300Wby or 300RUM but the **** Dakota case is so fat it won't allow this.

Pluses for the Dakota , short fat powder capacity , no belted case.
down sides of the Dakota , Expinsive brass ,hard to find factory ammo.

Their is no benifit I have found over the other 300 mags out their. The 300Wby will out run it , has readly available factory ammo and good brass. The 300win mag will shoot right with it as far as velocity and ,maybe out run it with good brass , ALOT of factory ammo and great brass from Lapua.
As far as I know their haven't been any long range matches won with the 300Dakota as have with the 300Win mag and 300Wby mag.

Hind site being 20/20 I'll never have anything else to do with a dakota round as their are to many other better options out their.
Thnx for the info!...Not so good huh!...Oh well i'll keep lookin...Thnx again and good hunting...
Any thoughts or experience with this caliber?...Vel., Energy or accuracy?..Thnx
I have no personal experience with it, but I do love to play devil's advocate.
Here's some benefits for you:
<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>More capacity than the WinMag
<LI>If seated to same COL, similar performance with less powder (erosion/recoil/cost) than Wby
<LI>Can easily use excellent Norma 404 brass[/list]JDJones75, don't give up on that Savage. Get yourself some Normas, lose the Magazine spacer and throat that chamber for 3.6" for those 220g's.
If you must rechamber, I'd be really surprised if you couldn't put a RUM Improved in that hole, maybe w/o even turning a thread.
And the only reason people aren't winning with the Dakota is because no one shoots it! Nothing inherently inaccurate about it, just odd.

That said, sure there are better choices.
Seems everyone can find what they need among 308W, 300 WM, 300 RUM, 300-738.
Well , having owned several big 30cals to include the 300win mag , 300Wby mag , 300Dakota , 30-338Win mag and a 30-8mm. I don't see any real benifit of the Dakota , for what reasons i don't know but you can't reach the same velocities as the 300Wby mag with the same size case and will barely out preform the 300Win mag in the Velocity race.
Of all my big 30's I liked the 30-338 the best , could seat long VLD bullets out far and still feed from the magizine which can't be said for the 30-8mm and 300Wby , the Velocity was great right with the 300Win mag and it was the most consistant round I have fired. Culling all that brass was a pain but it seemed worth it at the time , but now that Lapua makes 300win mag brass that will probably be my next project.

As for rechambering , I guess the 300RUM Ai would work , I'll have to look up the specs on that as the shoulders on the 300Dakota are .532 accross.

I'm not saying its a bad round just that their are alot other choices that would be easier to work with.

But over all my favorite 30 cal is my
30-06Ai it gets the bullets out their fast enough and doesen't cost a small fortune to reload , and its alot easier on the shoulder.
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