The two 30-338's that I had shot very well. Used them for Elk and long range Deer. Very nearly the same case as the .308 Norma Mag. I used the 180 gr. SBT by Sierra for Deer and the Nos. Part. in 200 gr. for Elk. The cartridge is a great round but there are several versions and all wildcats except the Norma. Hope the info. helps.

One of my hunting partners shoots a 30-338 Win Mag and it's extremely accurate with the Nosler Partitions.

He killed two elk with it that I've seen, one at just over 600 yards and the other right at 550 yards.

He had it built on a Weatherby action with a Hart barrel. He uses 338 Win mag brass.
You can either use 7 mag brass and neck up or 338 mag and neck down. That's what I do. I've got two of them one has a 1/12 twist and the other a 1/10. Back in the 60's I read an article about the 30-338 and how Fred Huntington used it as an 1000 yd elk rifle didn't have the money back then but had one done in the 80's and the other in 1993. I know Rem made them the 40x and alot of talk before the 300 mag came out that Win new case might be the 30-338. With the new powders out you can pretty close to 300wby velocity with about 10 grs of powder less and I think some guys still use the 30-338 for 1000 yd matches. I shot a 308 Norma Mag for awhile but alot like to compare the two but big difference. For a wildcat to be around for over 40 yrs alot has to be said for it. Wilson make arbor die for it plus Redding has it in there type S dies. I don't know what twist your rifle has and if it's set up for match or hunting? I saw your post on Varmit (wildcat) section. For me I think it's a great round. Well good luck!
Shotwell, I have a 30-338 Winchester that I had built on a push feed Winchester. I get 3220 fps with 165 Ballistic tip and 2925 with a 200 SBT. I am currently using 308 Norma Brass that I run through a 30-338 die. If I was doing it over I would probably have just done the 308 Norma or 300 Winchester. Good luck
I have a 308 Norma Mag which i built back in the late 60's. Action is a 98 Mauzer and barrel is 24 1/4 inches. It was purchased from Herters and I made the stock and did all of the work... In those days free floating barrels were new in concept. I also glass bedded the action. By doing this then, it was extremely accurate at long distances. Ammuntion for this caliber then was expensive and brass also was very high in cost and to hard to find. What I did was use 338 brass and necked it down to 30 Caliber. The 338 case is about 3 to 4 thousands shorter and shoulder angle is also different. I then loaded a lighter load and fire formed the shoulder.. Still do it today... I have loading books on this caliber both by Herters and speer manufacturing dating back to the 60's .. Any one wanting a copy of the pages, I can e-mail them too you... One load I can remember was 87 grains of powder.... 120 grain bullet.. traveling close to 4000 FPS.. Used it for fox hunting... Larryh
My brother has been shooting his 30-338Win. for about 8 years now. Excellent round, more efficient than the 300Win. Shoots 3/4" group at 300 yards. One tip, make brass from Norma 7mm mag cases. On our Alaskan Moose hunt, he killed a nice 67" bull at 467 yards, and numerous Elk and Deer.

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