30-30 WIN

Red Neck

Nov 20, 2001
Austin TX United States of America
Will the 30-30 Win out of a 22inch barrle have enough Foot pounds of energy at 100 yards to yake an Elk? If so what would be the best bullet for the job.
Yes, I would feel confident pulling the trigger on a broadside shot. Wouldn't knock it off its feet but dead is dead.

Would use a 170gr softnose FP that shot the most accurate at the highest vel. Hornady would be my first choice to try. Had very good success with their Interlock bullets.

Remember that the 30-30 has been dropping game large and small throughout N. America for the last 100yrs. Nothing much has changed. Just keep your range and your shot angles sensible.

Good luck...

yes it will! i used the 170gr X Bullet from a 16" barreled mod 94 Trapper. the bullet was under the hide on the off side, i still have it. 112yds
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