30-06 on Whitetail Deer & Black Bear


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May 10, 2004
southeast michigan
...no such thing as "overkill"... unless you're concerned about the pelts... not sure anyone would recommend the 55 grain accelerator or whatever you're referring to... stick with lighter range of tried and proven '06 rounds (but... it would be a great excuse to buy another "coyote" rifle)
Thanks for the info...I did read a posting on another site in regards to the 55gr round, as there was someone who used it, apparently, with the 30-06. For a "real" coyote gun, I'd favor a .223 Winchester Shadow or Stealth, but that's another story...You're right, it is a great excuse for a 'yote gun :]

As for my 30-06, I had planned to use about a 150gr round for the whitetail, and a bit heavier for the black bear, although not a whole lot.
Why not just one bullet, perhaps a bonded 165gr.? I would think it would do the job well on either species.

Pat S.

What other species are you referring to when talk about the 165gr? Whitetail, black bear? That'd probably be good for all around (save for Grizzly, that is, but there are none here in VA). We do have an elk herd down by the Kentucky border now, actually :] I hope to get in on some of that, too.
For whitetail and black bear ... "use it." Unless you're going to build specialized loads for each purpose (in which case your gun is always sighted in for the wrong load) just go with a premium 180 grain bullet and go kill stuff. 180 Accubond, maybe.

For coyotes, etc the Accelerator loads might be real good IF they shoot in your gun. Some guns seem to like them. Many very definitely do not. The only way to know is to buy a box and try them.

(I shot 'em in .30-30, maybe '06, not sure, years ago, decided the accuracy sucked and moved on. I didn't realize they were still in production.)
Cool. I'll get a box of 180gr Accubond or what not and load out with that...I have no interest in customizing all of own loads, because like you said, I'd always be sighted for the wrong one. As far as coyotes, it's not really a concern, unless I decide to start selling pelts, then I'll be getting a .223 Winchester. Otherwise, my only concern with the 180gr is ruining the meat on a black bear or whitetail, but, if it's a straight heart or lung shot, that shouldn't be an issue.
Good afternoon,

I'm new to the forum here, and my situation is as follows: I'm transporting an older Mauser 30-06 rifle back to my home in VA, and my intent was to use it for whitetail and black bear hunting here in VA. I would have to go down to the national forests here in this state, as that's where the larger tracts of hunting land are. I do believe using the rifle on coyote would be serious overkill, even with a 55gr round or what not.

What do you all think?
I like the 165 gr. in my 06' as a good compromise bullet. I think it would be plenty of bullet for either a deer, black bear, or an elk. I also have several rifles and prefer to shoot 1 bullet weight(type) in each so I only have to remember one trajectory table for this gun. I find a load that shoots well and stick with it. I've found that the Hornady 165 gr. Interbond shoot best in both my Ruger 77 and my Remington. I tried Scirroco and Accubond 180s but they like the Hornady best. Your gun may be different.
Pat S.
My brother and I both shot '06's for many years. He favored 165 gr bullets, and I used the 180's. Our primary game was elk. We both found a load that our rifles shot well, and that's what we shot everything with, from ground hogs to elk. I did dink around with many different bullet weights over the years. It was interesting, but now I stick with one load that a rifle seems to shoot best with.
I have had some good luck with the 165gr Hornady Interbond bulltes , they shoot very well out of several of my guns and they seem to be pretty well constructed. After shooting several large hogs with them to se how they expand I found that they all made complete pass throughs at ranges within
100 yds only ones I had stay in the animal were hit in the shoulder . Most of these hogs were 300-400lbs that should give you a good compairison as to the bullet toughness

I woulden't hesitate to shoot an elk with them at all , just make sure that you don't have to get through the on side shoulder , that may cause a problem
Ok for deer and coyotes you can't beat a 125 Nosler BT out of a 30/06, fast and flat with a "good" bc. Never shot a bear but I would want something heavier like a 165 partition. The 125 Nosler dumps the deer in their tracks. Biggest deer I've ever shot was 9 pointer at 265 yards and he just jumped and piled up, the other just dropped in their tracks. Good luck! adios
Thanks all for the info...The rifle I have is a Mauser 30-06, an older gun, but I'll take everyone's more or less consistent advice and get a 165gr load for the deer, bear & elk, and maybe the 125gr round for varmint.
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