SOLD/EXPIRED 30-06 AI, Rem 721(700) Lilja, McMillan A5 $2595 shipped


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Oct 4, 2008
SW Montana
Another one hits "the market".... A series of events between my dad and I in an attempt to help another fellow out have resulted in me ending up with a rifle I don't/won't shoot. The rifle is currently in my possession.All work was done by Young's Gunsmithing in Sand Coulee, MT. Dave is a VERY talented smith and this rifle reflects that. While he doesn't carry the name of some of the very popular builders, the rifles that come of of his shop should be considered top-shelf. I was present for all shots fired. Round count is 140.

During fire-forming, it shot a sub 3/4 MOA 10-shot group with 180 Ballistic tips.It can push the 215 Berger Hybrids to 2775 fps without much issue but it really shined with the 175 Berger VLD's. Around a 1/4 MOA at 100 rifle with those things. This rifle is close to 300 Win Mag velocities with less recoil and powder.

-Rem 721 Action, for all intents and purposes it's a 700-Trued up and blueprinted-Oversized PTG fluted bolt with Sako extractor
-Heavy PTG lug-Factory old-style trigger, tuned up
-Lilja stainless HV barrel, 26", 10 twist with flutes
-Holland QD brake-Pillar bedded into a McMillan A5 ADL stock, with adjustable LOP and thumbwheel cheek
-I have an Atlas rail that goes with it in addition to the two studs currently installed
-An additional LOP spacer will be included
-with scope, it weighs about 16#
-Also included are 100 pieces of fireformed Lapua blue-box brass and a set of Redding dies
-40 MOA Nightforce railI will consider parting out but only if barrel, brass, lug and dies sell first.

Rifle, dies, brass all included shipped to your FFL (must accept from private party).

Barrel, lug, dies and brass - $525 shipped
Bolt - $250 shipped
Stock - $725 shipped

no bipod, rings or scope is included









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