3 rounds of 300RUM, barrel BLACK!


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Feb 25, 2008
G’day all,
As I cannot shoot anything due to lockdown extensions yet again, I thought I would clean some rifles as I was bored because I cannot go to the workshop at all.
So I grabbed the SPS in 300RUM, it has had 3 rounds of Barnes 165g TTSX fired through it to sight in and the barrel is the dirtiest I have seen in a very long time. This is also the first factory ammo I have fired for quite some time.
My question; is this normal lately?
I don’t recall my factory ammo being this dirty before.
I did get quite a dirty barrel running in my 270 Bee with factory 150g spire points, by the time I shot 5 consecutive rounds it looked as though there had been 30 or more shots put through it.
Is it the powder they use?


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