3.5x10x40 M1 or 4.5x14.50 M1?????



I am trying to figure out what scope to mount on my 338 Lapua. It has a #7 heavy contour lilja 28". Mcmillian hunter stock.

I want the 4.5x14 power and wound have premier reticles put on the M1 turrets. But, I worry about the 50mm being too high for a good cheekweld. So if it meant a better mount I would sacrifice and get the 3.5x10x40 M1.

I normally wouldn't shoot past 600 yards.



Happy Hunting
Dear John

Cheekweld ?

if you shoot standing / seating position hight cheekweld is better because more confortable .

If you shoot prone low cheekweld is very unconfortable and most of shooters rise their scope to shoot prone .

I don't understand why you want low scope mount ? from 40 to 50 there is only 10 mm ( around 3/8 inch ) on the diameter 5 mm ( around 7/32 inch ) that not 7/32 of inch which can destroy the accuracy of the gun most of my rifles wear 50 or 58 mm scope and even if my silhouette rifles have 40 mm scopes ( Leupold 18x40 Premier ) I have 1.5 inch hight scope mount and I get the targets .

perhaps try the 3.2-17x 44 mm SN3 from US OPTIC with low scope mount from US OPTIC ?

good shooting



I had your same concerns awhile back. I have a rem 700 in a A-2 stock, #7 barrel. Originally I mounted a Leu.3.5-10x40LR in Badger standard rings and 20 moa base. Stock weld felt fine.

Eventually I "had to have" a 6.5-20x50 LR scope. I put it in Bager medium rings. Stock weld feels just as good. Scope clearance is .06" from barrel with Butler Creek lens caps in place.

The heighth difference between the Badger standard and medium rings is only .062".

My method of checking proper scope heighth is to close my eyes, shoulder the rifle, then open my eyes and see where things are. No problem at all with the 50mm objective in the stock/base/rings in my configuration.

good shooting, MM

My best measurement puts the centerline of the scope 1.86" above the centerline of the bore.

Here's my math:

.885" - center of ring to top of base.
.3" - top of base to top of front receiver ring
.675 - top of front receiver ring to center of bore(I estimated the receiver at 1.35" diameter, divided by 2)

Adds up to 1.86"

Should be within 1/10th inch of actual.

Definitely under 2" on Rem 700 action with Badger base/med.rings.

Keep this in mind though. My measurements are at the forward ring. The rear ring will be slightly higher due to the 20 moa angle of the base. My bet is that it is still within 2" though.


Another consideration between the two scopes is that the 4.5-14x50 LR has 80 moa of internal elevation adjustment compared to 65 moa with the 3.5-10x40 LR.

I looked at that Montana. I figure that if I'm going for the 50mm I may as well get the 6.5x20 instead of the 4.5x14. It should fit the same and if I get the m1 turrets from premier reticles then it doesn't make a difference.

The thing I wonder if how reliable premier reticles m1 turrets are added to one of the above mentioned scopes will be....compared to buying a stock M1 scope from leupold (3.5x10 M1)

Also, I noted that you only get 72 MOA with the 6.5x20 vs. 80 with the 4.5x14 but I only out to 600 yds (for now!) so I don't need that much adjustment anyway.

Regards Montana,

I had Premier install M1 turrets on my 6.5-20 LR and it works outstanding! With regard to adjustment, you just may want to pull the scope off and install it on something else so the extra adjustment is just an added feature I think is worthwhile.

Good Luck


The repeatability is quite outstanding. I can rezero to 100 yds within 0.25" regularly. The scope is currently on a TBA M40A3 300WinMag with shooting 190gr BH ammo and 168gr XLC XBT. I can rezero for either bullet and be perfectly confident with where the first shot goes. Had Premier install for $85. Clicks are firm and positive and also well marked. Did my own warm water/freezer test for internal fogging after turrets installed and found no signs of fogging. I think it's an outstanding feature.

Good Luck

verrocchio, I'm curious as to how you like the Barnes 168 XLC XBT's?

How is the accuracy? I've heard people say they get 2" groups at 100 yards.

I was looking into the 185 or 210 XLC BT's for the 338 Lapua since I don't shoot past 400 or 500 yards.

Also, how do the xlc's compare to the regular barnes?

Thanks and good shooting!
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