2nd Round of Drop Confirmations with rear-grip 7LRM


Jun 18, 2007
Did the second round of drop confirmations out to 1350 yards today with the rear-grip 7mm Long Range Magnum (LRM)/180 grain Hybrids, 8T Brux barrel, Holland Radial Baffle brake and the Kahles 624i with their new KMOA reticle in FFP. Shooting from the seated position at a bench with a Harris BR bi-pod and small field bag under the pistol grip. Shot at 500 yards, 750 yards, 1000 yards, and 1350 yards.
Wind was not much most of the time which allowed for tight groups.
500 yards

750 yards

1000 yards. Four shots at lower left was what Exbal said. Made correction and then the last two shots...Over compensated for wind on the second shot.
Watch the video!

1350 yards was really cool as I shot two times and hit two times really close.

1440 yard target is to the right of the target at 3:00.

View back towards Mac's Gunworks

Also playing with a spotting scope with an awesome MOA Reticle in FFP
Next post will add pics
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