2A being ignored in NM

This isn’t anything new. Ever watch a movie about the old west and see them taking peoples guns when they came into town?

I was one of the first soldiers in New Orleans when Katrina hit, had to sit out Rita afterwards in an elementary school. They were taking people’s firearms as they fled, witnessed that with my own eyes. When I spoke up I was moved to another detail. There were some things going down, but DustThroughaFan, don’t believe everything you hear from drunken friends of friends.


I hear/read a lot about how guys are waiting on the other guys who are going to stand up against tyranny in this country. But that’s just it, the good me aren’t doing much of anything. Reminds me of a song I heard when I was little:
Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the streetwise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed
Late at night, I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need
I need a hero😂😂😂

They are the highest law enforcement in their county. Unfortunately they do not regulate what the city cops do, nor the DA & judges that will prosecute and lock your butt up!

I did my time in the Military and as an LEO... later on, as an owner of a business in the firearms industry, I kind of understand both sides of the problem, I have enough time and grade to have seen this nation (government) change into what it is now. I won't address all your early American colonialism,
but... the last one strikes a note "I need a hero" Well perhaps as Dan Bongino said it best; "We are the heroes we've been waiting for" I think our Founding Fathers had many of the same problems at the beginning, it took a "Concord Bridge" moment to start the ball rolling, now with that said; I don't think this nation can have a shooting war as a revolution, not that people can't defend themselves, I'm talking about paramilitary type... It's hast to be changed by "noncompliance" to Unconstitutional and illegal laws passed or used against us. Like many here, we all took an Oath some of us had a couple of Oaths, but our Military Oath was the most important as far as our Country goes. Real change has to come in our homes, government, schools, and higher academia where they are not educated, they are indoctrinated. The Military has to take its Oath seriously as well as the LEO oath seriously... we still have good people in both, yes there are woke progressives as well like our once respected FBI which is now the Failed Bureau of Investigation, DOJ & DSH is a laughable Greek tragedy. I understand that it feels like good people are just rearranging the deck chair on the Titanic... but, I do have faith in them... somehow we'll pull this thing out of the deep pit it's in and get back on track. Just my 0.2 Cheers
God Bless America. Yes with a big "G"
They prosecuted and convicted ever cop present in the George Floyd case. One or two were rookies that didn't have a clue. If the libs want to incarcerate a cop, they will.
Well they got a mess up there now. If you keep voting Democrat you are just playing the gun grabber of Amer.
Part of the problem is we have allowed this to go on. Not watching what's being taugh in our schools. They are brain washing the kids in school.
Those that do it, do it, those that can't teach. That what we have now.
I have two boys. I taught them to standup. Both got expelled for high school at one time or another. Both were freashmen, The other two were juniors. Figure they could pick on them. The Juniors were smaller. I had a principle that told we don't defend our selfves here. Let the school take care of it. I told him I wonder what I was doing in Vietnam. I guess the firearms they supplied US in the army were for looks. You never know when something going to happen.
"FIREARMS": Better to have one and not need it. Than need one and don't have it.
The second amendment was clearly written with one reason in mind !! The right to form a well regulated ( trained) militia !! Why ? To remove or combat a tyrant government!! For the same reason america was formed. But is anyone using their second amendment for the only one purpose it was written ?? Nope. Shall not be infringed!! How many regulations laws limits and bans have been made and infringed on it ?? Yeah. So if this is America , and Americans really do exist and not just fairy tales in history. Why hasn't anyone rose up ??
Well when they come to take our firearms away. Then that the time to stand up.
I wouldn't be worked up right now. As a matter of fact I think they just made matters worse for their cause. The Sheriff just stated that her whatever you want to call it is unconstitutional. And he won't enforce it.
People on the left think the Constitution is a suggestion, they don't understand words like "infringe" or "inalienable" rights by God, Thus the government can't give us rights and freedoms... because if they could they could take it away. And their inventing new meanings for words is not going to work either, their word salads are almost as stupid as them and their sycophant moron followers.

As for a real (shooting) revolution, we are not groups of small towns... or an agrarian, agricultural society anymore. Most people say 80% live in suburbs and Cities and few can grow roses let alone food crops and raise meat. So a real (shooting) revolution would almost surely destroy our economy as well as government structure and functions for far too long. You saw what those idiots Obama and Biden, Obama's meat puppet! did with COVID-19 and are still doing. Revolution might be far worse, so why give them the ability to declare martial law? We have to be smarter.
Change can happen, but... good people in the ranks have to step up and keep the Oath they'll take. Our Founding Fathers faced the same but different problems in their day, under many different circumstances. They weren't a Country yet... were are.

We can always go to armed resistance if we have to, I don't think we'll need to if we did... I'm sure we'd win hands down but at a very great cost to all Americans. I think the key is nonviolent resistance, "do not comply" and make them work for every inch they try to take in their agenda and the system(s) they run. They can only pound so much sand down a rat hole so fast, the law of "diminishing return" will catch up with them, I think it's happening as I write... I digress If you think nonviolent resistance aka noncompliance doesn't work, think about Marlin Luther King and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, like them or not they won their fights. The left can't kill ideas they only make them stronger by trying to.

The left in most cases isn't that smart, like the Gov of NM.... she just may have just stepped on a mine and could make our case in court for this insane unconstitutional order violating the 2nd Amendment rights of the people of NM... It's going to happen soon and the outcome will be a win for the 2-A... Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham is a moron with little or no understanding of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, but... she's about to find out and the left can't unring that bell, what a windfall for us.

I know it's much more complicated and I'm just barely scratching it, but.. I think we'll win in the end, just hope I'm around to see it.
Remember; God, Family, and Country... God Bless America. Have faith and don't be afraid to stand your ground, Good luck to all.

Again just my 0.2 Cheers
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NM governor acting like a dictator. She bans gun carry both open and concealed in the city of Albuquerque ignoring the rights of citizens granted by the second amendment. Just another step in governmental control.
We have have already let them take freedom of speech and that's the first step to take away the 2A
The 1st Amendment is still there and in tack, I say what I want when I want, and I have the means to protect it, I don't call people by any woke insane pronoun, I use... "he and she", "male and female" for their gender, I don't deal with anyone's bovine anal seepage over any mistaken understanding of science and biology, at the same time I try to be respectful to all people, "if" they treat me the same way, even if I don't agree with their lifestyle. With that said; the attack on the 1st Amendment is by the fake news media ( an agent for the DemocRAT Party) and their talking heads, they want to sew strife in the nation for an agenda they know is anti-American, yep... communism and weak-minded libtards who buy it hook line, and sinker like the sycophants they are, I think it was Lenin who called these people, "the useful idiots" he needed. Ok.. just myu 0.2 on the subject. Cheers