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Dec 8, 2009
some time back i had a rifle built on a mark x action. it was originaly a 243
i had a krieger 26" barrel put on it. it has the factory trigger in it.

what do you guys think is a good trigger for this action? i see them as low as $50 with safety.

also is the follower supposed to fill the mag well for legnth. it is about .5 short. i am assuming he took a mag block out going to the longer .284 and did nothing with the follower.

the tube is a 1-9.5 what bullet weight would you all recomend.

it is in a bell and carlson stock that is full aluminum bed so it should be a shooter.


Get yourself some Nosler 140 grain balistic tips to practice with and some Accubonds to hunt with. These bullets shoot basically the same and will shoot in most guns. With thee bullets I have found seating them into the rifling to work best.

I would recomend H-4831SC and Reloader 17 as being good powders to start out with.

I have used Winchester large rifle primers, CCI BR2, and Wolf large rifle primers all with good success.

Nat Lambeth
You have a nice fast twist take advantage of it. I would shoot a 160gr Nosler accubond or nosler partition But pick one and build your load and practice with that. Dont practice with a balistic tip thats silly. they may shoot similary at closer ranges but they are different which means they will fly differently and it will show down range. consistency will build accuracy so eliminate any variable you can.


I too like to find a load and stick with it especially for hunting. I hunt with 180 Swift Sciroccos in my 300 win mag. Very effective out to 1000 yards.

But my pockets are not real deep and I practice a lot. I can buy Nosler Balistic Tips for $16.00 and Accubonds cost $23.00 per box. Bergers, Barnes and Swift Sciroccos are even more. I have found Accubonds to work well for me and I shoot them at deer out to 600 yards.

I guess being frugel is silly to those with deep pockets.

Nat Lambeth
My pockets are anything but deep. And I shoot a LOT I agree maybe something cheaper is good for getting down your technique working on trigger control and just getting in trigger time with your rifle it is beneficial. But doesn't it make sence to spend the extra 5 dollars and practice with your hunting load? if I want to be able to shoot a coyote in the neck at 550 yards I want to practice with my hunting load because the more time i spend with that load in that Rifle the better I know how that bullet is going to perform. I truly believe that consistency and limiting your variables are the key to Shooting your best
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