.280AI or 6.5 x 280AI ??

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    Oct 24, 2010
    I have been thinking and reading the forum here for a while now. I'm looking to upgrade my 23 year old .280 Rem Jager with 24" sporter barrel and Mauser action and 3.5x10 Leaupold scope. Thinking to go to a new longer and slighly heavier barrel in 6.5 x .280 AI or just a chamber ream to .280 AI. Also want to go with a better stock, currently have the basic Bell & Carlson carbalite stock that it came with.
    I shoot 140gr bullets around 2800 - don't have a chronograph, this is reloading manual stats.
    Main purpose would be to have a new rig, shoot at longer range if I do my part, cost and good barrel life. Give any suggestions, experiences with the same or similar calibers and thoughts about them.