.280ai, easy to shoot


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Feb 1, 2020
Roanoke Va
I had this rifle built by Jay Cutright in Southern Illinois. He runs a small shop but is the “go-to guy” for quite a few expert shooters and industry brass.....I have to point out that I am neither. His work is top shelf and he’s a great guy on top of it.
Anyway, .280ai, APR action, Bartlein 24”, jewell trig, 419 hellfire brake, AG stock, cerakoted in sniper gray, topped off with a S&B Exos.
So far only 35-40 rounds through the tube, and groups got tighter and tighter. Finally settled on 57gr of H4350, behind a Berger 168vld at 2930 fps. The last group was .33” (3 shot , 100 yd). Hope to stretch it out soon. Rifle weighs approx 8.5lbs without glass, and shoots like a .243.....couldn’t be happier with a longer range hunting rig.

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