280AI 1,000yd report


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May 9, 2001
Just started playing with a new 280AI. It's a trued Remington 721 action, Krieger barrel, and laminated varmint stock. I had originally planned on shooting the rifle offhand so ordered a varmint weight barrel (.750@muzzle). The barrel is only 24 inches long and that is the rifle's biggest drawback. The glass is a Leupold 6-18 with target knobs. Total weight is 11.5 pounds.
I have tested 2 bullets, the 140 ballistic tip and the 162 A-max. With a case full of H4831, the 140's go down range at 3200fps and shoot well under an inch, most groups around half. The 162's are extremely accurate with the largest group around 5/8 and some about 1/4".
I have tested the 162's at my 1,000 yard range over the past few days and am very impressed. It groups in the low to mid-teens consistantly and that is with a 4 pound factory trigger. I believe that with the new trigger (being bought soon) and a few more load tweaks, it will do better.
We have a 36 inch stainless steel gong hanging beside the target and with only 1,550fps retained velocity, the 162's still make one heck of a dent. Overall, I am highly impressed with the cartridge and the rifle. Rick Piccarreta (Williamsport gunsmith) did the work and I can say that this guy knows his stuff and does an excellent job.
My only wish is that this thing had a 28 inch barrel about .950 at the muzzle. That would be a better long range combination.

More reports coming soon on new 6.5-06, 25-308improved, and a 6.5-284.
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