.280 Remington


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Jan 7, 2010
Hey I am new to the forum here, but am on several other AZ based hunting forums. I am relatively new to reloading, but am hooked. I am wanting to work up a load for my .280 using 160 grain accubonds... I have been told by several people to use either RL-22 or IMR 4350. I was curious if anybody knows what the max loads would be for these and also if anybody has worked up any loads similar to these. Also my gun is a Remington 700 Mountain Rifle with a 22 inch barrel. My ultimate goal is to get this rifle setup for 500 yards with a Kenton turret on my scope. Any help is appreciated!
I load for a couple of 280 Rem rifles. My son uses a Ruger Mark II in 280 Rem as his deer gun and he has had very good success with it using 140 Accubond bullets and RL-19 powder. Another friend of mine shoots a Remington CDL rifles in 280 Rem.. He has used Hornady 162 SST bullets to take deer. He loads his gun using IMR-7828. When I load my Remington CDL in 280 Rem with 160 Accubonds I use IMR-7828. That being said you can use RL-22 or IMR-4350. Both will work. I seem to get better accuracy with IMR-4350 in many different caliber that I load but RL-22 should offer more velocity. The Alliant web site shows that 56 grains of RL-22 will give you 2807 ft/sec using a Speer 160 SP. This is a max load and should be worked up to.
i reccomend a 140 berger for coues . h-4350 , re-17, imr-4350 in that order. i would use 140 partition on elk.
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