SOLD/EXPIRED 280 AI Eliseo Tube Gun Stock Pierce action


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Nov 21, 2006
Crescent Customs chambered 280ai in Eliseo Tube Stock. Pierce Custom action glued permanently in a Eliseo RTM Tactical. This one has the Long Action bottom. Can also run short action bottom or AI 338 Lapua CIP Mags by changing the bottom and shortening the bolt stroke. This is a fine chassis with almost unlimited adjustability. This gun is an absolute hammer with almost any big bullet you like. I shot 61 gr of H4831. Either SSC or reg and either a 162 Amax or 168 Berger. Either works fine. Leave the barrel at 3050. Barrel is a 28in plus break Bartlein. Contour is light Palma. I have made hits with this gun at 1850. It gets to 1000 around 6.5mil. Can’t remember exactly but close to that. I know things aren’t exactly selling like crazy so I’m gonna list some trades both full and partial. Scope not included. Please txt me at 2709321876

Price is 2800$ cash price.

some things I’m looking for:

1911 4” 9mm.

Side by Side shotguns with English stocks

280 AI hunting rifle. Custom Rifle Custom Action. Ie Stiller, surgeon etc.

2506 hunting rifle. Custom action.

629pd smith 44.

Super Black Hawk 44 5.5in or 7.5in Stainless

Jarrett Rifles in the above calibers.

Night Force NSX 3.5-15 Mil/Mil scopes.image_66695.jpg image_66695.jpg image_66696.jpg image_79868.jpg image_79870.jpg image_66695.jpg image_66696.jpg image_79868.jpg image_79870.jpg