.280 A.I. Questions

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    Dec 2, 2004
    If a person wanted a .280 Improved, what should they SPECIFICALLY ask for... 30 degree,40 degree etc...? Who could they trust to do it right? What specs are giving such great accuracy that I hear about in factory fire forming shots and incredible accuracy after handloaded? What speed increase can you expect in a 140 grain bullet? Would any of this change between a Model 700 action and a Ruger No. 1 ? What twist barrel is best for 140 grain 80% of time and 160gr. 20% of time?
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    Jun 12, 2004

    There are several top end smiths on this board alone that would do amazing work, Shawn Carlock, Chris Matthews, even myself can built a decent rifle from time to time.

    If your going to build a 280 AI I would recommend getting the 40 degree version as it feeds fine, has the most capacity of all the Imp rounds that do not move the shoulder forward and limits case stretching more then the shallower shouldered versions.

    The last 280 AI I built was on a Rem 700, H-S Precision Stock and Lilja barrel and the first three, three shot groups out of the rifle averaged barely over .3". That was with virgin brass.

    When set up properly the AI rounds will shoot very near if not better then 1/2 moa so they are completely usible in the field even for moderate range varmint hunting.

    From what I am seeing you looking at near 3300 fps with the 140 gr pills depending on barrel length which I would recommend 24 to 26 for a sporter rifle, 26 to 28 for a heavy.

    The only difference I would see between a Rem 700 and a Ruger #1 would be first and formost cost. Rebarreling a #1 is a far lengther task then a Rem 700.

    Accuracy potential would lean hard toward the favor of the Rem 700 as well. Maybe I should say consistancy instead of accuracy.

    The 1-9 twist would be perfect for the bullet you want to shoot at any range.

    Its a great round and easy to get tight groups in and fully up to 1000 yard shooting if set up properly. Will give factory loaded 7mm Rem Mag ammo a very hard run in performance numbers.

    Good Shooting!!

    Kirby Allen(50)
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    Jun 11, 2005
    dimecovers3: Check out these two threads.
    "The new gun" and also "The results"
    If you are interested in a 280AI these will give you some idea of what can be done and someone that can do it.
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    Just saw thius post and thought I would link him....you did a wonderful job of that.

    As far as a 280AI done RIGHT....send it to Kirby,,,,I could not be happier. I have a fireforming target that I have not posted yet and will add it now.

    Now to be fair to my formed loads, I have only shot the one group that SS7mm linked to on "the results"

    Hope to shoot tomorrow at 300yds. Need to check the weather....WIND!!

    If you have more questions about the 280AI shoot em at us. I have owned 3 of them but the other 2 were Encores.