270wsm vs 30-06 vs 280ai


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Jan 25, 2011
If you have a lightweight 308 go with that. Spend the rifle money on a good pack or other quality gear. A 3006 will you give you a little more velocity but an elk won’t notice the difference. I don’t see a problem hunting elk with with a 308. Practice a bunch and you should be good.

Are you packing in? Public or private?


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May 7, 2020
I am fixing to buy a 280AI. I had a kimber. My first rifle was a 788 30 06. I killed alot of deer with it. But i Iike anything 280 or 280AI. I look at the available brass on line. It's harder in my area to find 270wsm brass or ammo.
I can find 280AI ammo here. Also if u run out of ammo for the 270wsm. U r out with the 270wsm. But on the 280AI if u find regular 280 u can still rock and roll. Just have to sighted it in. I am a big fan of 28 caliber. 7mm/08, 7mm mag, 280, 280AI . The way I got my first 280AI brass. I took new 280 brass fire formed it using cream of wheat way. Then I finally fount 1 box nosler 280AI brass.
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