.270 WSM

For Wv white tails I’m using 139 gr Hornady bullets and rl17. Absolutely devastating. These little red tipped missiles shoot nice little groups and will flatten deer
I usually run 140 gr. bullets in my .270 WSM as it likes them the best. After watching a couple of YouTubers run 165 gr Nosler ABLR in 1:10 twist barrels in .270 WSM and .270 Win with good luck, if I find a box I’m giving them a try.
Christensen Arms Classic 270 WSM (24" Carbon)
63.2gr Reloader 22
Norma Brass
CCI 250 Primer
Hornady 145gr ELD-X
COAL – 2.830"
Muzzle Velocity – 3185
270 WSM - 145 ELD-X Target photo (2).jpg
I’ve been using 140 accubonds with RL26 at 3200fps. Inside 300 yds, I’ve caught two bullets when encountering heavy bone which surprised me 300lb muley and 200lb whitetail. They held together but only retained 42% of weight at 250yds. My shots tend to average 300+. If heavy bone is not hit, performance is perfect By my standards (2” ext it words and DRT). If I was going to be hunting where I expected closer shots, I would step in weight or shift to partitions. I