270 wsm shooters


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Feb 21, 2014
Northern Co
I have found a rifle I'm interested in buying in 270wsm but there seems to be no brass available. Is Nosler, Hornady and Norma still making it? I see midway has them all listed as overdue. Just curious of my options. I do have 100 pcs of Winchester 300 wsm I could neck down if needed if I buy the rifle

i bought Nosler 270 wsm brass at Cabelas last fall. I have not looked at brass recently but saw Win 270 wsm factory loads there as well

Running some necked down once fired 300wsm in mine now. Works fine. Did have to trim a little shorter than normal prior to necking down.

Get on all the notification lists for adg 300wsm brass, buy 100 of those and resize the necks. Brass prep and load workup and off to the races you go.
I run the Nosler and get 5-6 firing out of mine pushed pretty hard. Winchester head stamp 270 WSM brass was junk.
I think Comfisherman is on the right track if you don’t mind the head stamp.

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