.270 Win. Loads

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    Thanks, S1--
    I have both powders, so I'll give them both a try. Now, where did I put those bullets......
  2. rlipson

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    Dec 21, 2001
    Chris, for kicks and giggles you might try the 130gr Hornady SST's. They work well with a good BC and hunting performance.

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    I just traded into a Sendero in .270 Win. Does anyone have a pet load with a 135 gr. SMK ? I have dies already, just need to pick up some bullets and brass....Probably going to shoot it as is for a while ---my trick it out later..Load will mainly be used for LR PD's and coyotes... Thanks in advance...
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    I would start with 55.5 grains of 4831 SC and work my way up.

    If you have any Vit. try starting with 56.5 grains of 560 and working up. We tested over ten powders in this cartridge, and these two gave the best standard deviations, and the best accuracy. Velocity was near top shelf also.