SOLD/EXPIRED .270 JDJ Encore Barrel (270 Win Imp.)

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    Encore barrel description:

    26” long, standard taper, no sights, has threaded inserts dovetailed on underside.
    Matte finish, chambered in .270 JDJ No.2 (barrel is marked 270 Gibbs Imp OTT LLC). Comes with a nice Burris mount and rings, 28 formed cases, and Hornady dies. I want $375 shipped.

    I purchased the barrel from someone at Specialty Pistols (forum) a few years back but never shot it (I only recently got an Encore frame but have no stock set yet) I am only selling it because I now have to use copper bullets (California), and the way this barrel is throated a 130 gain TTSX has to be seated too far into the (short) neck for me. This chambering would work excellent with a lead-core 130 bullet, and it looks like you could get in over 70 grains of H4831sc so loaded (this is nearly 270 Wby. Data) ((edit-this IS a near-max 270 Wby. load)).

    I believe the person I bought it from said that it only had the case forming loads shot in it (or similar very low round count). The barrel is in very good shape; I have only noticed one small finish mark near the muzzle (it shows up as a silver spot in a matte-black background).

    Thank you, Doug

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