264 win mag opinions


May 19, 2009
Eugene, OR
I am considering buying a older winchester model 70 in 264 win mag. What barrel lengths make this caliber work well? I guess worse case I can use the action for something else. Any opinions on the gun and caliber?
Look for a 26" inch in a Pre. 64 Westerner..... 28" custom is very good tube for the cartridge. The .264 Win Mag is a great long range hunting cartridge.
I have several .264's it is one of my favorite calibers and will excel at long range shooting. my favorite is a post 64 action with a action job, hogue stock, 28 inch douglas ag barrel with a 8 twist, 14 ounce trigger and topped with a 4.5-14 mark 4. It shoots as well as any gun I have ever seen shoot or shot.
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