264 win mag loads for Alaska


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Mar 17, 2003
Madison ,ga
I just got a 264 win mag Ruger Stainless rifle.I am wanting to shoot caribou,wolves(up to 8' long and 200 pounds no kidding)during the winter when no bears are out.The caribou are from 300lbs to the big 550lb ones.I thought of Nosler partition 140 gr or Lapua 155gr Mega sp.And I will be hunting to -30 degrees which powder works good that cold.I heard R25 does not work good in cold.These are really tough caribou you have to be to stand -60.I am wondering if this rifle is even worth having in Alaska .I think it will be good for long range wolves that get up to 200 lbs and 8" long.Any body used the 264 win mag on game?
I carry my Ruger 454 when bird hunting and always have my 416 rem mag as tent gun.50 bmg is a nice tent gun.Dall Sheep hunting is where a 264 will work good and wolves .I use 338wm ,338-378,and 416 rem mag now.I just always wanted a 264wm for some reason just need to know some good bullets.Maybe the 200gr bt Nosler would be good for long range sheep and goats.I have a friend who use to hunt with nothing but 30-06 accelerators 55gr for sheep.I let him use my 338 win mag stainless winchester I cant get the gun back from him.He dropped three moose in their tracks with 250 speer grand slams.The eskimos still use 30-30 for everything and wound alot and shoot alot .
I have a 264 win mag. Use it for groundhog quite a bit for 500 to 1,000 yds shots. It lays them out pretty good.I load the 142 grain SMK. Velocity is around 3000fps. Which is the same velocity I was getting with the Sierra 140 spitzer. However they shoot flatter since they fit my click chart for 3200 fps.
I own a 264 westerner (26") great gun! I would use a berger VLD great bullets with high BC's.

I've used mine in Oregon at the ranch to smoke mule deer at long and short range. The original 140gr winchester ammo is great in my rifle but only at long range the close stuff it just blows up!!! Big Time.

Hope this helped
Brian Anchorage Alaska
You can also use an oryx norma bonded bullet, 156 g. but BC is pretty low though.
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