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  1. Bob L.

    Bob L. Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2010
    260 Ackley Improved
    Savage 110 trued, chambered in 260 AI pre accutrigger
    24" Chick Donnelly chrome moly barrel 9 twist throated for 140's
    Cerakoted in OD Green/Gray
    Pillar bedded in Boyd Forest Camo blind mag

    Chambered by Curt Custom Guns in Sutherlin, OR
    Chambered with aftermarket recoil lug no barrel nut.

    Also comes with 98 pieces of Lapua Brass, 30 or so still need to be fireformed that are loaded with fireforming load also 2 die Redding full length die set.

    Approx 100 rounds down the tube.

    $800.00 does not include scope/rings or bipod in pic.

    129sst and 140sst during load development have all shot 1/2 to under 1 MOA

    Last time out shooting I loaded a few different powder charges with 129sst and shot at 300 yards same seating depth and shot a 3 shot group around 2.5". I think if the person has the time 120-130 grain bullets will shoot at or under 1/2moa.

    I need the cash and do not have time for any more load development.

    Stock has a few scratches towards the recoil pad.

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