SOLD/EXPIRED 260 ULA ultralight arms


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Feb 10, 2010
I picked up some ULAs and think I may have a few I do not need. I may regret this but I have a ULA in 260 built by Melvin Forbes that was built in 1993 for sale. The rifle was in storage for some time and the stock was refinished by Melvin a while back. Barrel was clean when I got it and not corroded. I was told they were cleaned before storage and seemed to be as far as I could tell. Looks like new down the barrel and is bright. I do not have a borescope so can't provide that level info. I ran a patch through it and shot a few rounds to see how it was. I shot two groups with the previous owners reloads. I think with proper load development, it would do even better since my reloads in the 30-06 do significantly better. Rifle has 2 small scratches on the barrel from being in the safe. They are barely noticeable and I tried to get them in the pics. Based on previous owners notes, there seems to be about 100 rounds fired.
ULA mod 20 260 rem
22 inch barrel 1-8 twist
1 inch medium rings
Sling and swivels included.
Redding full length die set.

Price is $2550 shipped
I could probably add some brass and bullets if buyer wants for an additional charge.
P_20190616_144950.jpg P_20190616_145115.jpg P_20190616_144925.jpg P_20190511_202349.jpg P_20190511_202332.jpg