260 Remington?


Dec 11, 2003
St. Peters MO
I am looking to get an Bullberry/Encore setup in 260 for deer(etc.) I would like to be able to shoot out to 450(+) with this setup.
I was told the 260 would be an excellent longrange choice for this.

Does anyone have any experience withe the 260?
Is it generally accurate?
Can anyone comment on Bullberry Barrels/Encore's accuracy?

Any input would be appreciated.

thanks Kevin
the 260 can be quite accurate-as far encores go i have experience with them,but in my opinion they dont seem like they be a quality lr setup.what lenghth barrel were u thinking about?i ask because in the shorter barrels with the 260 u just about lose the ability use the heavier 6.5 bullets that make bore size really shine[high bc and high sect. density]because of the slow velocities.i am completely biased though,as i shoot the 6.5-284[with excellent results],i get almost 3000fps with a 142mk in a 26" tube.with a 30" in tube in the 260 u might get that,but i doubt it.the real reason i say this is because once u build and chamber rifle and find urself shooting proficiently at its max,sometimes u find urself wanting more,the 6.5-284 will give u more,my-2-dave
Thanks for the response.

I am going with a 24" barrel, in full bull.
I was hoping to use the 100 or 120 Nosler BT bullets. (I have had excellent accuracy results, and performance, in other loads so far...)So with the lower grain bullet I was hoping to pick up a little bit more speed and keep the balistics "up" downrange too.

See any problems with this plan so far?

thanks Kevin
I'm not too sure that the extra speed of the light bullets will still be there at 450+ yards. Lower BC bullets loose it after a few hundred yards.
For a reliable 1/4 mile biggame rifle, I'd prefer something a little heavier than the 260. I built a 7STW for just that purpose, but thats me.
Good luck either way.

Yep. The Lapua 123 Scenar has a better B.C. than a 140gr SMK, and can usually go a good bit faster to boot, sometimes enough to come close to a 142gr SMK. But that's out of a long barrel (28-30") w/ slow powders. I'd be interested in how it works out w/ the Encore barrel.

can't comment on the encore - but have a 6.5 jdj barrel ,and a 6.5 TCU chambered barrel and both are extremely accurate , I love em , and critters hate em - thanks
The Lapua Scenars are match bullets. Not sure how thick the jacket is compared to a Matchking. The 123gr has a pretty healthy BC, something like .547 (as compared to .535 or so for the 140gr SMK). The 139 Scenar has a .615 BC.


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