260 Remington Brass - Nosler, Remington, Federal


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Nov 21, 2012
I have one new sealed box of 50 Nosler brass $40 TYD paypal fee included in the price.

40 Federal once fired originally factory loads $25 TYD payal fee included in the price.

167 Remington brass. 19 twice fired once from factory loads, 148 that were bought early 2013 and reloaded these are 4 times fired and were annealed after the second firing. I had a couple loose primer pockets that I think were from me running a little hot with some GMX bullets in load development. The rest have been just fine and I eliminated the 5 loose pockets I had. $50 TYD paypal fee included in the price. Twice fired brass are in a separate baggie in the big bag.

IMG_8700 s.jpg IMG_8702 s.jpg

IMG_8701 s.jpg